About us

About us


I am Noushaz, founder and Designer of Mahini Design studio.

We are in the artistic city of  Rome where jewels of art, cinema, fashion and architecture have always set the tone and  inspire us every day to push the boundaries in creating expressive and unique products, both hand-crafted and industrial.

Our brand products are entirely made in Italy and we collaborate with other companies and architects. Our motto is ‘Quality, perfection and attention to process’: we believe that the beautiful is the well made.

What we can do for you:

If your product or project needs a special mood, a unique design touch or a custom-made interior, we are for you. We like extraordinary natural simplicity and simple effortless extraordinariness: you want both, and my team of passionate designers, artists, artisans and technicians provide them. We craft your solution, to your needs, to your budget, to your secret desires.

What they say about us:

Noushaz designs futuristic objects, industrial design from a poetic heart.

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