The Rome studio Noushaz Maihini Design both creates its own brand products and collaborates internationally with companies, architects and artists.

Founder and designer Noushaz Mahini’s unique combination of Social Sciences and Art & Design – in Italy and Britain – has created an especially interesting fusion of approaches in her work.

“What is it in the product that whispers or sings? Invites us or repels us? Brings fantasies or disillusion? It is the object as it is and the object as it works on our mind”

“Noushaz designs futuristic projects”
“Industrial design from a poetic heart”
La Repubblica daily

    Your product, your project, needs a special mood, a unique design touch, or a custom-made interior; We like extraordinary natural simplicity and simple effortless extraordinariness; You want both, and my team of passionate designers, artists, artisans and technicians provide them, day and night; We craft your solution, to your needs, to your budget, to your secret desires.